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Skin laxity

Skin laxity or loose skin is a common condition resulting with age, sun exposure, excess smoking etc. It can affect face, neck and many body areas. We have a number of options to help you tighten loose skin or to remove loose skin surgically.

Our Co 2 lasers are very effective in skin shrinking and tightening. Radiofrequency [RF] devices have come a long way. Earliest RF devices such as Thermage™, Accent™ and Ellman Surgitron [now Pelleve™] have been used along with a number of other lesser known devices. Over time refinements in technology and clinical experience have improved results of these treatments to such as extent that we have now introduced these to our clinic.

We use RF machines for skin tightening on face, neck and body. We have a range of RF frequencies at up to 350 Watts of power for effective and predictable results. Unlike many other devices our results are visible from the very first treatment session.

We use following frequencies and handpieces-

Bipolar RF- here the RF energy flows between 2 arms of the handpiece for tightening of lax facial and neck skin. This can be used with or without vacuum suction.

Unipolar RF-Lifting effect- 1MHz - Higher frequency for superficial heating and skin tightening on face, neck and anywhere on the body

Unipolar RF-Modelling effect- 600 KHz- Lower frequency RF for deeper heating of skin layers to achieve skin tightening and reducing cellulite and superficial fat.

Unipolar RF-Custom effect at upto 300 KHz- For much deeper penetration, tissue tightening and fat reduction.

Combined RF and Cavitational Ultrasound- 300 KHz to 1 MHz This treatment uses RF energy with Low Frequency Cavitational Ultrasound at up to 100 Watts of power for maximum results.

Advantages of Radio frequency skin tightening

No downtime, it can be done in the morning and you can attend a social function in the evening. It is so simple.

Painless procedure. Pleasant experience, like having a hot stone massage.

No need for strict sun avoidance.

Suitable for all skin types, including dark and tanned skin.

Alternatives to Radio frequency skin tightening [can be used with RF ]

CO2 laser resurfacing - has some social downtime.

Yag laser skin tightening- not suitable for dark/ tanned skin.

Laser lipolysis and liposuction

Silhouette lift- minimal invasive face, neck or brow lift

A surgical procedure- facelift, neck lift or arm lift.

Neferiti lift with botox, suitable for eye lift, jaw line, neck and jowls.

Range of Application

*Non-invasive face and neck skin tightening
*Fine lines and wrinkle reduction
*Anti-cellulite therapy 
*Elimination of lymphatic congestion
*Muscle and connective tissue tightening
*Circumference reduction/ slimming
*Post face and neck lift surgery
*Post liposuction surgery

Treatment areas:

*face and neck
* stomach
* buttocks
* thighs * upper arms

all areas of the body are suitable for this treatment. Normally a course of sessions is required to achieve best results.

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