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Scar reduction

Scars and Stretch marks can be improved with Non-Surgical or Surgical treatments.

Scars and stretch marks can also be prevented.

We offer following options

1] Pulse Dye Laser -The gold standard dermatological treatment for red and thick scars. So whatever the cause of your scars -Acne, Injuries [ Traumatic] or Surgical Scars following operations - we can help you. The sooner you start treatment better it is.

2] Silicone gel- it helps to prevent scars getting thicker.

3] Steroid injections - can help thick scars to reduce in thickness and become more supple.

4] IPL and lasers - for improving scars and stretch marks. We have a variety of lasers to help you

5] Traumatic tattoos that have pigmentation can be treated with q-switched lasers to remove or reduce the pigment

6] CO2 laser resurfacing can reduce raised scars and fill out depressed scars. This can produce some very gratifying results very quickly.

7] Surgical option- we also offer scar removal or scar revision option if required. In most cases however early treatments can prevent the scars to reach this stage where surgery is the only solution. Thick keloid scars on earlobes can be removed.

Some less invasive surgical options can help improve acne scars greatly. These include subcision, punch excisions or punch elevations.

Simple Non-surgical options such as microdermabrasion and skin needling can improve mild scars.


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