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Fat transfer

Fat is your own natural filler. Fat is not merely a passive' filler'. It is an active metabolic tissue and a rich source of various growth factors and stem cells. Use of fat to fill areas of volume loss is not new but we have new techniques and refinements which make it very successful. Recent advances in our understanding of fat transfer and new techniques have greatly improved our results and fat transfer has become very popular. This procedure is very attractive if you are also considering body contouring or liposuction. Recent problems with breast implants have made fat transfer procedure attractive for breast enhancement.

What happens with facial ageing ?
The old method of looking at facial ageing was based on a gravitational model: that all things fall over time. The new model of the facial ageing process focuses on the primary importance of how the face deflates and loses volume decade after decade. What was once thought to be sagging has now been understood to be caused by facial deflation. A facelift without volume restoration looks artificial. Replacing lost fat results in a natural look.

What happens with ageing of the body ?
Redistribution of body fat occurs due to changes in metabolism and ageing. Fat is lost from certain body areas and face and accumulates in other areas such as chin, jowls, hips and thighs. These localised deposits of fat can be resistant to diet and exercise.

What is fat transfer ?
Fat transfer is the transfer of fat from one part of your body to another. A doctor must carefully harvest fat cells that are then injected to firm, fill out or plump up other body part like hands, cheeks, breasts or buttocks. This is also known as fat injections or autologus fat grafting.

How are fat injections different from commercial fillers ?
There are many commercial injectable fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane, Sculptra, Juvederm etc that are available for facial rejuvenation. Each of these products has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. An ideal substance would be readily available, inexpensive, long-lasting, natural-feeling, and would not cause adverse immunologic reactions. Autologus tissue meets these requirements. Since it is your own body fat there is no chance of allergic reactions. Some of the injected fat is absorbed by the body and procedure may need to be repeated.

What happens during the procedure ?

liposuction from hips
Areas for liposuction are marked Fat is gently liposuctioned


fat being centrifuged fat ready for fat transfer
PRP may be used Fat is ready for injections. Volume of injection depends on the area being injected

This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. The process requires gentle fat removal using low-vacuum limited liposuction and the use of thin, delicate, non-traumatic fine tubes to protect the survival of each harvested living fat cell. The fat cells are then purified and slowly injected through tiny skin incisions into the tissue of the recipient site utilizing a small syringe and cannula. Tiny droplets are placed throughout the tissues assuring that each transferred fat cell will have an adequate blood supply to achieve the permanent survival of the injected fat cells.

What areas can be treated ?
The fat injections create a lasting youthful appearance.

Fat transfer to Face-

Facial areas that can be treated with fat injections include the temples, eyebrows, marionette lines, under eyes (tear trough), jaw line, nose to mouth lines, cheeks, chin and scars due to acne, chickenpox, injury or surgery. A volumetric natural facelift can be performed in this way. This can also be combined with facelift surgery.

Fat transfer to Hands-

Fat injections to the hands achieve the effect of fuller more contoured hands as those of younger hands.

Fat transfer for Breast enhancement-

Fat can be taken from abdomen, flanks or thigh/ hip areas and delicately placed in fatty layer around the breast tissue. A mammogram is required before the procedure and careful follow up is also recommended.

fat transfer to breasts
Breasts before fat injections Breasts augmentation with fat


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