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Eyelid surgery

Eyelid Surgery is performed to remove saggy skin from the eyelids. Muscle and fat are removed in few cases of excess only. Eyelid skin is thin and a combination of ageing, sun damage and smoking etc can result in baggy appearance due to excess of eyelid skin. This is a quick procedure that provides nice results as excess eyelid skin may be the first sign of ageing.

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is performed purely under local anaesthesia. Excess eyelid skin is marked with you looking in the mirror. Local anaesthesia is then administered with a hair thin needle to numb the skin. A CO2 laser is used to remove excess skin. A thin layer of muscle and excess fat removal may be required in some cases. Use of laser results in a bloodless operation. The skin is then stitched resulting in elimination of baggy eyelid skin.

A co2 laser resurfacing can be carried out at the same time to improve skin texture and stimulate new collagen. CO2 laser resurfacing or Madonna lift can improve the eyelid skin, tighten it and renew it. However if there is a lot of excess skin then surgical removal is a quick option.

Some patients require additional procedures which can be performed at the same time. These may include-

Lower eyelid bag removal- A small laser fibre is used to tighten the skin under lower eyelids without any cuts to the skin.

Brow lift - this can be a thread lift or mini open brow lift.

Fat transfer - This can address loss of volume and provide a plumper appearance.

CO2 laser resurfacing - to improve the overall skin quality.

A Surgical facelift.

Who can benefit from this surgery ?

If you are in good general health and do not have any eye / vision problems and have excess eyelid skin you can benefit from this surgery.

Who is not a good candidate for this surgery ?

If you have issues with your vision, eye problems, past corneal surgery, excess tear production, dry eyes, significant muscle laxity or ptosis then you may be referred to an occuloplastic surgeon and we will not be able to operate on you.

What are the advantages of a CO2 laser blepharoplasty ?

Use of CO2 laser results in a bloodless operation. Laser can also shrink and tighten skin and deeper tissue without cutting it. We also use it to melt away excess fat in a bloodless manner making it a safer and quicker procedure.

What precautions are required ?

You will be given detailed information at consultation. You will be required to have normal blood pressure and be off any anti-inflammatory medication or blood thinners such as aspirin for at least 1 week prior to the procedure.

How is the recovery like ?

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and recovery is quick. Eyelid skin is very thin so swelling and bruising is common and can take 1-2 weeks to improve.

What are the results like ?

Results are natural with reduction of baggy eyelid skin and a youthful appearance. We are conservative however and do not remove muscle or fat unless there is a noticeable excess! Too much tissue removal can lead to hollowed out un-natural appearance and we avoid it.


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