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Earlobe repair/ reduction

Earlobe surgery is offered under pure local anaesthesia.

Common operations are for torn earlobes as a result of heavy earrings or accidental trauma which causes the earlobes to split.

In recent years we have seen increasing popularity of body piercing and earlobe stretching. Tribal earlobe stretching involves using increasing size of earrings to gradually stretch the earlobes.
The torn or stretched earlobes can be successfully repaired under local anaesthesia. It must be remembered however that scar maybe visible and take a year and a half to two years to fully mature for final appearance to be apparent.

Some patients request repair for occupational reasons.

In some cases we use CO2 laser resurfacing or pulsed dye laser to reduce the appearance of scars after the surgery.            

stretched earlobe

Stretched Earlobe before

etorn earlobe repair

    After stretched earlobe repair


Tribal earlobe before

tribal earlobe repair

After Tribal ear repair


Split earlobe before

split earlobe repair

After split earlobe repair

Earlobe reduction & inflation

Other reasons for requesting ear lobe surgery maybe reduction of enlarged earlobes or plumping out of shrivelled earlobes due to the age related changes.

Earlobe reduction involves removing excess tissue under local anaesthesia and plumping up of shrivelled earlobes involves filler or fat injections.

Earlobe keloid removal

Keloids on earlobes are also common and these can also be successfully removed under local anesthesia. Keloids on cartilagenous part of the ear can be injected with steroids.


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