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One stitch face lift

What is a One Stitch Face Lift?

Minimally invasive facelift has various names. Skin excision only facelift, One stitch facelift, facelift retighten etc. Recently one stitch facelift has become very popular.

The idea for the procedure was prompted by an old Hollywood trick in which actresses used tape to pull slackened skin upward, taking great pains to hide the tape with hair or wigs. A Cosmetic Surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills took the concept and developed a procedure that would accomplish the feat more permanently.

How is the One Stitch Face Lift performed?

The One Stitch Face Lift is a minimally invasive procedure offering Face Lift like results, but without the need to undergo major surgery and resultant prolonged recovery. It is a brief procedure performed totally under a local anaesthetic. One small incision on either side of the face is used. The incision is hidden in the hair and lifts the jaw line. We have modified it slightly so that instead of relying on one stitch, we use a few hidden stitches under the skin.

Most people find they are able to return to normal activities the following day, but as there may be some associated swelling or bruising with the procedure, some may find it more comfortable to take a few days to recover.

What results will I see?

The results are subtle but are often just enough to give patients a fresher and firmer appearance. You will notice a tight and lifted jaw line.

What are the risks?

There are few risks associated with the One Stitch Face Lift and, due to its minimally invasive nature; it is safe for patients with diabetes, heart conditions or other medical problems. With any procedure there are risks such as risk of bleeding, bruising and infection. Minimally invasive nature of this procedure however minimises these.

What alternative treatments are available?

You can have non-surgical treatments such as a liquid facelift [ Y lift]. A full or modified facelift [ S lift. MACS lift, V lift ] or the innovative laser facelift.

What are the costs of One Stitch Face Lift ?

The fee for one stitch facelift is £ 1900 which compares very favorably with the cost of a full facelift.


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