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Lip Lift

Lip Lift Surgery

With increasing age the length of upper lip increases. Gravity not only causes sagging lower face and neck, it can elongate the upper lip too. More filler can make this condition worse. A Lip lift procedure however restores the original length of the upper lip. This is a surgical procedure done under pure local anaesthesia.

How is lip lift procedure done?

A bull horn shaped incision is made just along the nostrils, an area of skin is removed, lifting and shortening the elongated upper lip. This provides a youthful appearance.

Stitches are taken out 7-10 days later. This procedure can be combined with other procedures to provide a nice and natural lifted and rejuvenated mouth area.

Who is suitable for Liplift operation?

Anyone with ageing and longer upper lip. If you have tried fillers but were not impressed or disliked the effet.

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