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Anti Ageing

Growing old is not optional, looking old is! As we approach older years we become aware of some changes. Treating these is optional. If they bother you enough to seek out a solution, then you can come and see us.

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions. These include non-surgical and surgical solutions under pure local anaesthesia.

Common concerns at advancing years include deeper wrinkles, advanced photodamage resulting in broken blood vessels & pigmentation, loss of facial volume and skin laxity. Men and Women in this age group feel that their hands and neck are the areas that most reveal their age. Other concerns are their eye area and area around the mouth.

Skin concerns can be addressed with following treatments-

1.IPL Photo facial™ and lasers can help with facial and body redness, veins, pigmentation, textural changes and scarring. These are no downtime treatments to reverse sun damage.

2. Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing-the latest treatment breakthrough for skin tone, texture and tightening. A combination of the above procedures can provide a true non-surgical facelift.

3. Conventional laser resurfacing - this is similar to a surgical procedure. It provides great results in exchange for a recovery period.

4. Radiofrequency skin tightening if you prefer a no downtime treatment.

5.Restylane vital can plump out crepey skin.

AgeraRx anti-ageing skin care for everyone and all ages.

Wrinkles and volume loss can be addressed with following treatments-

1. Botox helps lines on upper face and and augments other filler treatments. It relaxes muscles which produce wrinkles. We can use it to provide a brow lift.

2. Restylane subQ , emervel volume or juvederm voluma for instant lift and volumisation. The 'Y' lift.

3. Dermal fillers to plump out areas around the mouth and lower face, cheek, chin and lip augmentation. Fillers give you a three dimensional boost.

4. Fat transfer is a very popular treatment for volume restoration and as it is your own body fat there is no chance of allergic reaction.

Minor surgery for lumps, bumps and skin tags.

Skin laxity

If you have moderate to severe excess skin on face and neck non-surgical treatments will not help. We offer mini-facelift or full face and neck lift purely under local anaesthesia.

For eyelid skin excess you may choose brow lift or eyelid surgery.

Lip lift surgery is also very popular in this age group.

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