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Weight gain

Medically supervised Weight Loss. Lose inches but preserve muscle mass and skin elasticity.

Obesity is a major worldwide health issue. It puts us at a higher risk of heart attacks, strokes, some cancers and a large number of other medical problems. Unfortunately some of us struggle to achieve weight loss without any help. Rapid weight loss achieved by crash diets can be temporary and result also in muscle loss and saggy skin.

We have devised a weight loss program in conjunction with the Pronokal system which is a very effective physiological form of treatment for achieving weight loss. It is based on reduction of carbohydrates and fats and utilising protein sources for your energy needs. We see weight loss but preservation of muscle mass and skin tone. We also use external ultrasound to melt difficult to reach areas of fat under the skin

The treatment plan includes a customised dietary program. It is conducted under medical supervision and complemented by a multidisciplinary team of professionals (registered dieticians, psychological adviser and personal trainer). The method is divided into three stages: active, re-education and maintenance.

The treatment program starts with a consultation where your medical history is taken, blood tests arranged and a prescription is arranged, this includes meals and vitamin and mineral supplements. Your aims and objectives are discussed and a treatment plan is formulated. Typically 80% of target weight is achieved in the first stage of the treatment programme. 7-10 kg weight loss in a month is not unusual.
We also use ultrasound cavitation and radio frequency machine to mobilise fat cells from diet and exercise resistant body areas to achieve weight reduction. We recommend a minimum of six sessions, once every 2-3 weeks.
On completion of the Active stage (Stage 1), you then enter the Re-education stage (Stage 2). This second stage is characterized by the progressive introduction of different food groups in the diet, allowing for the further 20% of the target weight loss to be achieved. The rate of weight reduction during this second stage is slower than in the first stage, which is essential to enable for physiological adjustments and re-stabilization. Throughout this stage, the dieticians will advise you and help you in the adoption of a healthier lifestyle.
Once the target weight is reached, we move you to the Maintenance stage (Stage 3). This third and final stage lasts two years, during which you will follow a completely normal and balanced diet under the dieticians’ supervision (free of charge), with the aim on maintaining the achieved healthy weight.



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