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Warts and verrucae

Warts and verrucae are a common problem. Numerous treatments are available. Most common treatments are salicylic acid applications, cryotherapy [ freezing with liquid nitrogen] and sometimes surgery. Various other options are available including occlusion with duct tape or doing nothing till immune cells get rid of these naturally.

Lasers can also be utilised and we use our lasers for treatment in adult patients. Various lasers are also used but most success has been reported with Pulsed dye lasers. A few sessions are required [2-4] and we are seeing excellent results.

We also offer CO2 laser ablation but this can require some healing time.

Lasers are not a magic solution and some recalcitrant warts can be very resistant to treatment by any modality. Lasers however offer an additional attractive option in management of warts and verrucae

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