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Perfume rash

Poikiloderma of civatte is a common condition which affects the skin of the sides and front of the neck. It is commonly known as perfume rash. It can also affect skin on upper chest. Skin in the affected areas is red-brown with prominent hair follicles and new thin suerficial blood vessels also knows as telangiectasia.
Various treatments have been used but IPL AND LASERS are the best form of treatments for this condition. Skin on neck and chest is very delicate and can be damaged very easily. For this reason we do not advocate any form of harsh treatments such as deep chemical peels which have the potential to cause more damage and scarring.

Our IPL and laser technology offers an excellent, gentle and no-downtime solution for this condition.

We recommend limiting sun-exposure, using sun creams/ block, and avoiding perfumes etc which make your skin more susceptible to damage by sunlight.

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