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Depending on individual preference we have used initials or first name only for confidentiality. These testimonials are available for inspection in our client feedback book and survey forms. Our patients receive excellent treatment and decide to come back time after time, however it must be remembered that no treatment is 100% effective for everyone. We try hard to give realistic expectations at your consultation.


Face & Neck Lift




Fat transfer to face

Fat transfer breast augmentation


IPL Photorejuvenation

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Liquid facelift



Laser Hair removal

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Laser face-lift, Face and Neck lift, Eyelid Surgery, Liposuction

Having had a short scar facelift performed by Dr Gheyi I can say that I am impressed by the whole experience. The treatment I received was fantastic and the results were first class.

Dr Gheyi and his team are very professional and friendly. He knew what I wanted as I can be quite vague! Treatment was completed with a caring and friendly manner. Reception girls couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful too!
Natalie [ blepharoplasty ]

What can I say?...
Fantastic..Professional..Skilled..Caring..Friendly..There are not enough words to describe how happy I have been pre and post treatment. I have nothing but praise for all the staff. I would not hesitate to recommend the clinic!!
Fay R [ face and neck lift surgery]

Fantastic treatment-Dr Gheyi completely understands what is required and his results are amazing. Would recommend to anyone-well worth the travel distance to here for such professional and amazing service.
J.R [ Short scar facelift ]

I would highly recommend Dr Gheyi and his excellent staff who helped me to make my facelift and neck lift surgery much easier to undergo. My results 2 weeks on are excellent.

I have had several visits to the coltishall clinic and every one has been a good experience. My visit this time was to go for the lower face/nect lift. I was very nervous on the morning of surgery, but once again everything was explained in great detail which put me at ease. Checks all done and procedure was carrier out. Dr Gheyi told me what to do for the rest of the day/night and gave me his number if concerned over anything. Returned next day for check-up, everything fine. One week later stitches taken out, now three weeks post op, lot of swelling and bruising gone and thrilled with the result. Returned to work one week after procedure and no one noticed op. Thank you all at Coltishall Clinic excellent personal and professional service. Would not hesitate in recommending for any treatment.
Lower face/neck lift

20 January 2014

Hi Dr Sanjay ,and all .

I am enclosing my latest pic Dr Sanjay, but first I would like to draw your attention to the 2 other pictures I enclose. The first , is the half picture . This is the picture that made me seek you out. Do you see how my mouth rises markedly on the left side when I smile ? Note the difference in my much more even smile in the picture I had taken tonight. The other picture was taken just before I came to you at the clinic, look at my double chin !! what a job you did. It is remarkable. I didn't bother doing side views as they no longer matter to me. It isn't a sharply defined chin like a ski slope but I knew that going in and I was realistic, and you were honest. I will be 58 in March and I can't stop smiling. I want to smile. It shows off my nice chin !!! I think you'll agree there's been more than a 50 % improvement .
I did want to add a few things too to my review to share with the staff but only if you think it is it worth it :-

The best words I heard during the procedure were " I'll have to take some fat out of the face " ( yay !!) and the nicest moment was everyone looking at me at the end when I still hadn't seen my chin but staff were standing admiring the results, like people peering into my pram. I clearly didn't get enough attention as a baby !!

On a more serious note as a Health Improvement Specialist and Disability Discrimination Auditor, I was very impressed by the professionalism at the clinic. From the reminders of when I was taking a step down, to what the sedation was and what it was for, to the witnessing of the labelling of each patients fluid removal, to being talked through the purpose of adrenaline, to offering a fully accessible toilet.

At this point in time it makes no difference to say that I had planned to go to a clinic much closer to home, and went for a consultation. My experience felt rushed, I was left with many questions, and came away feeling very uneasy about it. I then realised by reading a forum, that a new doctor I had been introduced to while I was there was suspended and could only work under supervision. This more or less frightened me off having any procedure, until I got chatting to Donna who had such confidence in the staff at your clinic that although you were such a long way away, I realised if I could feel that confidence and use my experience from the NHS in seeing good practice, then it could all be ok.
Fortunately for me, the whole team exudes good practice. I felt incredibly well looked after and fortunate to have found such a place. Though I have no intention of getting anything else fixed !!
all that remains for me to say really is thank you to all. I know my chin will improve still yet but the majority of the healing has already shown what chin lipo/vaser can do on it's own even at my age without having to have invasive surgery. If you would find it useful to show my pictures to other hesitant people please feel free .
all good wishes
Ros .

All the staff at the clinic we’re very welcoming and put me at ease. The treatment was fully explained and the costs were given at the start. The treatment was very successful and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. A very professional experience received alongside a caring and supportive atmosphere. I would fully recommend the doctor and clinic.
Dawn 2014

At my somewhat advanced age I wondered if I should be vain enough to undergo any procedure but overall I am delighted that I did.
Anon 2014

21st Nov 2013
Chin Liposuction with laser and spider veins
At 57 I wondered had I left it too late to have an improved chin line. I had a poor profile showing double chin/jowls. I also had spider veins.
I am so pleased to have had these procedures under Dr Sanjay and his staff.
The results were Amazing. I will be happy to smile again ?
I wont need heavy makeup to cover red veins. My chin looks more youthful and my self esteem will be improved.
This is a professional clinic by a REAL doctor (not someone who operates machinery). You are in safe hands. Good luck and thanks to Helen, Jane and of course Dr Sanjay. God bless you.

My first time I have had any surgery performed. Liposuction & Laser of the chin and jowl area. When I left the clinic after the consultation I knew I wanted to go back there and so glad I did.
I am now 3 days post surgery and I feel GREAT. Pain is around 1 now, even though pain was very minimal. I was treated very well at the clinic by Doctor Sanjay and his wonderful staff. They are all lovely and made me feel very welcome and at ease as I was on my own. I travelled a round trip of 160 miles and booked a hotel down the road where they kindly dropped me off and offered to collect me. Thats what I call service. I was never rushed, I was offered refreshments all the time. I felt safe and had confidence in Doctor Sanjay and this paid off.
I am very very happy with my results,I wouldnt hesitate to go back there and recommend the clinic.
I searched for a long time before hand finding the right clinic and Dr. I did not want a rushed job and a quick in and out. I can not recommend highly enough and I would be happy to speak with anyone regarding any questions they would like to ask me. Cannot fault the clinic at all.

Donna Nash

My name is Karen and I had Laser Liposuction on my stomach area on the 16th december 2013, I wasn't worried about having it done as I felt very confident with Dr Gheyi and his staff who ran through everything that I needed and wanted to know before the surgery. I went in at 10 O'clock in the morning and came home about 4.30 ish feeling light headed and losing a lot of fluid with fat which I knew would happen, changed dressing when got home didn't need to take any pain killers as wasn't painful more uncomfortable than anything with trying to turn in bed it was like that for three to four days then each day got better went to my first pilates class two weeks later, slightly sore when on stomach but got easier as time went on. It is 5 months gone now and no signs of treatment at all and I can look in mirror and see and feel that I look so much better. Would recommend to anybody who is fed up with body and exercising hard but nothing is happening with stubborn fat. Thank you Dr Gheyi.


My results are amazing!
When I discovered Dr Sanjay now performed face and neck lift procedures at his clinic I did not hesitate to arrange a consultation as I have had other treatments carried out by him.
done & I swiftly booked myself in. On the day I was given a mild sedative 1 hour before my op and I felt no apprehension whatsoever. Copious amounts of local anaesthetic was administered and at no time did I feel any pain or discomfort.
6 hours later I
was padded up and ready to leave with my husband! I was told to sleep upright for the first 3-4 days which I did. I slept well and took a painkiller (just in case) but had no bruising or pain at all, just swelling and mild discomfort. Day 3 and the swelling was almost gone! 7 days later and stitches were removed. I am now 7 weeks on and scars are barely visible.
If this is something you are considering I can highly recommend this clinic. No amount of praise can sum up the treatment and excellent follow up care I received.
Dr Sanjay and his team are extremely professional, thoughtful and friendly.


Liposuction & Breast Augmentation Fat transfer

“Well what can one say?..Remarkable and thrilling and such a smooth operator oops operation!! I have had three children, recently divorced and acutely aware that my upper half (excuse shyness) bosoms were not as pert as they used to be. Liposuction which was marvellous in itself literally shaved off the swellings an my thighs and the ghastly fat was then usefully employed to give total uplift to my sagging breasts. Having been told I may be a bit sore I was totally thrilled to find this was very very minimal and in addition I was given a gorgeous corset to keep my thighs tight. Two days later I returned to Dr Gheyi like a new woman. I now feel I can brave the world breasts blazing!! Thank you Dr Gheyi, Helen and Hazel I will be back soon!!”
Emma Bradbury

I came here to this clinic with very mixed feelings about myself and the reasons why I wanted this treatment which was liposuction.
The consultation with the doctor helped in my decision making and all along the way the other members of the team were very supportive. I have had a really good experience and do not regret having this procedure and would definitely recommend it. Thank you.

Fat transfer for facial volumisation

Fantastic treatment-Dr Gheyi completely understands what is required and his results are amazing. Would recommend to anyone-well worth the travel distance to here for such professional and amazing service.

I decided to have fat transfer to my face. As soon as I saw and spoke to the doctor I knew I was in safe hands and he would do the right job. I am now 3 weeks on and I am so happy with the results. It has changed my outlook on life. Dr G is a clever man who seems to know what you want. I am so grateful to him. He is very kind and fair man, as are the staff here. My fav Hazel. Thanks for everything. I had no need what so ever to worry. Brilliant job. X'

IPL Photorejuvenation, Fotofacial ™

Rosacea treatment

Very professional, fantastic results, the treatment has improved my confidence 100%.


Within 3 treatments my 'rosy apple' cheeks have calmed down, redness and veins have disappeared. No need to use a heavy foundation any more. Thank you! A happy customer.


I am over the moon with the results after just three sessions, I am glad I had it done

Stephen Crisp

Facial thread veins

I have hated my thread veins on my face for years. When I realised that Dr Gheyi practiced at Coltishall surgery, I was more than willing to trust him. The results after five treatments are stunning-a new face at 60.


I am back to see Dr Gheyi for the third time, have had Dermal filler for laughter lines and IPL for sun ageing, acne scars and thread veins, what a difference to my skin and my confidence! Now that I have tried cosmetic procedures, I will be coming back for more regularly. Dr Gheyi is very friendly and I have every confidence in his ability to carry out the procedures in a professional and caring way.


“Following a thorough consultation I was happy with the treatments I received over a period of 2 months. There was a slight discomfort during the first session but after this all was ok. My skin is now looking much better including skin tone and reduction in pore size too. People often comment how well I look and also how young I look.”


After only two laser treatments my acne has cleared up. This has been a problem for me for eight years and now I have more confidence to go out and not hide behind a mash of foundation. Thank you!!


Haemangioma and thread veins

I had three treatments for a large brown mark on my nose and thread veins on lower nose. After 3 treatments, the marks have gone which has made me more confident.


Having never had anything like this before I am so pleased that I finally plucked up the courage. I had botox to crows feet and frown lines. The result is amazing. Also 3 treatments of IPL and the quality of my skin is vastly improved. I mainly wanted to get rid of brown spots and spider veins which it has done but there is also overall improvement in the skins appearance, very pleasant doctor who listens to you. – DN

Pigmentation [ Sun damage, melasma etc]

This is my 2nd session. After years of feeling embarrassed by the pigmentation marks I have on my face and trying different treatments, I am absolutely thrilled by the results so far- amazing! I shall continue treatment until the marks have sufficiently faded. It has really made a huge difference to both my appearance and confidence. Thank you.


Read Norfolk Magazine feature on IPL for pigmentation here

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Chemical peels


Dermal fillers-restylane

IPL photorejuvenation

IPL for pigmentation

Hand rejuvenation

Laser hair removal

Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing

Leg vein treatments- sclerotherapy and lasers


CO2 laser and minor surgery

Really impressive treatment for the removal of skin tags close to the eye. Painless professional and very calm non invasive approach by Dr Gheyi. Thank you
Michael H

Dr Gheyi is amazing. The staff make you feel relaxed. Every procedure I have had has been amazing. I’m so glad I have been a few times and am thrilled with the results. A great big thank you.

After having one session of the CO2 laser the appearance of my skin has greatly improved, with just 2-3 day of downtime my skin has been left with a more healthy and youthful look and feel. Being so pleased with the results of CO2 laser skin rejuvenation I have returned to have a small mole removed with the laser, which was very quick and painless also with great results!


I have had white marks [Xanthelasma] around both eyes that have upset me for years, people would look at them and make comments. The NHS solution was to suggest “burning them off with ACID”! As they were on my eyes near my eyelashes I thought this would be a huge risk. Dr Gheyi had a fantastic solution with his laser treatment and careful approach. Thank you for all your assistance!

Dr G - There is no doubt he is the very best. – JBH

Very happy with outcome of mole removal. Very little pain during it being taken off and only slight redness after healing. Thank you. Very satisfied and will recommend this trreatment.


Highly recommended, completely reduced eye hoodness, completely rejuvenated eye area. No need for eyelift surgery now. Rec 100%

Terrie C

“I was very satisfied with the treatment to remove several cysts that I had been concerned about. The clinic is very friendly and approachable so I would recommend them to anyone.”


“I had the nose to mouth lines, ‘smokers lines’ although I don’t smoke! Very self conscious and used filler in make-up. Could not have the‘old style laser’ as I work and the down time after treatment was too long. I had two treatments with the fractional laser and they have reduced the lines so much that they have taken 10 years off their appearance. Very pleased with the treatment and the friendliness and care of the clinic. Have recommended it to friends.


3-5 days down time and redness for 2-3 days but the results are certainly worth it. Would recommend the treatment to anybody concerned with pigmentation, skin texture and wrinkles. Great service from professional, helpful, friendly staff.”

Botox/ Dysport

I have just had both botox and fillers. I am extremely happy with the results and with the services of the clinic and Dr Gheyi. The whole procedure was explained in full and I felt very comfortable. I would happily recommend the clinic to anyone considering a similar procedure. Thank you all very much.

Coltishall cosmetics clinic is so convenient and accessible and the Botox results were fantastic. I'd recommend them to anyone - and I already have!

RA [ had botox four times at other clinics ]

Excellent friendly service with amazing results! I've had botox before elsewhere but have found Dr Gheyi's service far better. I'll definately be coming back! Thanks


I have had a large bruise on my nose for around six years due to a burst capillary. I have had two treatments and it is gone, its amazing. I also had botox under my eyes. What a difference.


Fantastic service + follow up care. 100% result achieved. Thank you


My first botox was about 5 years ago. I was very nervous and travelled to London to use a well known company. I was pleased with the results, although did have a total “frozen” look which I wasn’t so happy with. I wanted to find somewhere more local, so I tried another well known company that had clinics in the local area. This is not an experience I wish to repeat. The nurse seemed rushed and irritated by any questions I had. The procedure was painful and the results awful. She had injected too much and too low on my cheeks which changed the whole way I smiled. I looked awful and was very self conscious about laughing and smiling. This had put me off completely, but after a year I had decided to try again. This time I came to the Coltishall Clinic, after much research. I was VERY nervous and was in 2 minds whether I should go ahead. Dr Gheyi was very good with me explaining everything without putting pressure on me. I went ahead and had botox in 3 areas. The whole thing was very pleasant and the results were amazing, by far the best experience I have had. I have never looked back and come back twice a year for my botox. The results are very natural. I look younger and feel great. I would highly recommend to anyone if I wasn’t so private about it!!


“Botox results are amazing - so natural that I have never received and comments other than ‘you look really well’. I notice the results and feel much more confident. The treatment is always carried out really well and Dr Gheyi is always very patient answering all my questions.
Reception staff are also very helpful and friendly and make me feel relaxed and welcome.”

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Hyperhidrosis [ Excessive sweating ]

First I would like to say thank you for both a very professional, informative and personal treatment when I came to see you. The results are amazing. Having had botox once before elsewhere and being less than happy with the results, I cannot believe what you have done. As regards the hyperhidrosis treatment, only you will understand when I say this has truly changed my life. Thank you for following it up on Saturday when I was still concerned, within a day it had totally taken effect. Can you believe that even out here in 40+ degree C, I can for the first time in my life wear tight sleeved tops and really enjoy social events without having to worry about the embarrassment this problem brings. Having had this issue all my life and being totally unable to control it, I am so thrilled with the results. I will be back to see you later in the year. Once again, Thanks.


I''ve recently visited the clinic for the 5th time in as many years, for a treatment of Botox for underarm sweating with Dr Gheyi, it really has changed my life completely and I''ve been very happy with every part of the treatment professionally carried by the Dr, I would recommend anyone who is thinking of having any kind of procedure done to visit the clinic. Many thanks Again


Radiofrequency skin tightening/ cellulite

I was scared about hoe the treatment could go but the doctor explained everything step by step and made me feel very at ease. I was very impressed with the result. I suffered no after pain or discomfort. The treatment healed well. I was also happy with the services from the reception to the doctor. I have recommended to my friends that have seen what I have done.

Have just had my second session of RF skin tightening. It is a lovely, warming, relaxing treatment and you can see subtle differences after the treatment. I now appear 'plumped' and refreshed. Service here is professional yet relaxed. Will be back as I am having a course of treatments


I’ve had RF treatment 6 sessions. Really pleased with results on my tummy area so much would like more. Really lovely staff and after reading all the nice things I agree with too I also want my eyes done
Julie B

Today I had the last of my 6 sessions of RF treatments and I am really thrilled with the results. I would recommend this treatment 100%
Bea C-H


Dermal fillers [ Restylane, Radiesse ]

Read a restylane case study here

Three years ago I had the ball of my foot injected with restylane filler. It has lasted much longer than I had expected it too. This has allowed me to carry on with my dancing. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with the same problem. The staff are very kind.

The best thing I have ever done. I was so worried about having the filler for my tear troughs and was so nervous. The doctor made me so relaxed and I didn’t feel a thing. Next time I won’t worry at all.
The difference it has made to my confidence is amazing. It took ten years off me. I used to hate looking in the mirror as I always looked at that area but now it looks like I did when I was younger. So happy and so grateful to the wonderful doctor.
Tear trough

Yes back again after a break of 2 years – the results lasted well, the usual happens look in the mirror see a few more wrinkles, so..I had injections in my cheeks, and a little around the mouth + a small amount along the brow line - good results. I think next time I will have the 1 stitch to hold back the years even more. They say grow old gracefully-NO WAY! I prefer the new younger look thank you.
Thank you Dr Gheyi and staff, another brilliant result!
I’ll be back…Gillian

I would whole heartedly recommend Coltishall Clinic to all my friends. It is friendly, professional and the results are always amazing.
Mandy 2014

I have been caring for 2 ½ years now. I came firstly for some fillers. My 10 year old son asked me why I always look bad tempered and sad. My marionette lines around my mouth ‘were’ awful! Dr G sorted them out and the confidence it has given me is amazing. I look better and feel better.
Plus, I have had it done 3 times now and need it less and less often. You swell (well I did) ever so slightly but not so anyone would really notice. It is the best beauty thing I have ever had done. Last time I was here I had botox too. I had always said I wouldn’t. I felt fillers were less vain than botox. In for a penny!!!
My frown lines are gone. I didn’t have it done around my eyes (crows feet) but perhaps I will one day.
Thank you Dr G. You have been amazing and I will always come to you! So lucky you are so close.
Thank you.

What more can I say apart from Oh My God I am so over the moon. Just had the filler on my lines and lips and I feel like a new me. Thank you so very much


My treatment was professional, expert and friendly.


I can honestly say after one treatment, I will be back! I do trust Dr Gheyi and his staff are lovely too!


This is my 2nd visit to Dr Gheyi and I am thrilled with both the restylane and botox results. Dr Gheyi is very thorough and gives advice and guidance all the way through the treatments. I am very much looking forward to my next appointment for IPL

Huge improvement and it lasts! I have absolute confidence that I am receiving the highest standard of treatment. I am overjoyed with the result.


Much better than other practitioners I have been to [ with regards to effect] An excellent result.


Fantastic results-feel totaly at ease with the treatments and advice given at the clinic


“I had Botox for the forehead lines that I initially didn’t think would have much effect as the lines were very deep but it was excellent and now I have very faint lines that look natural for my age. I have more confidence to have my forehead on show and not hide behind my fringe. I also had Restylane in my lips and around my mouth and it has been amazing. I feel so much better about my face and like what I see. Thank you Dr Gheyi.”


“Very pleased with results from fillers. Shadows at the sides of the nose and mouth have dissipated. Absolutely no marks from treatment (& botox) no need to apply cover stick. Brilliant! Excellent!


Restylane Sub-Q 'Y' lift

l wish to say a big thank you for the facial treatment l had on Tuesday, l was so happy with the results, l think it has took 10 years off me. l cant wait to have my further treatment on the 31st January. l was in very little discomfort the following day, my friends were impressed with the results.

To Dr Gheyi and staff – Here I am again for my cheek fillers. It was remarkable I expected it previously to last possibly12 months, it’s now 16 months after having this done I want it back, everyone tells me I look well for my age at 64 (its my secret). Restylane is a magic potion, a little pain afterwards is well worth it. Thank you –


Just had my 2nd treatment of Sub Q. Really pleased with the results makes me feel 10 years younger, friends have really noticed and complimented on my appearance. Dr Gheyi is very professional and skilled. Highest recommendations.

Terrie (R.N)

What can I say but I am so happy with the results. This is my second time here. The first was botox for the eyes. I was very impressed with this, all my friends have said I am looking great-[they don't know!!] My second time for SubQ-Wow!! Instant lift to my face, I feel and look 10 years younger. Outstanding service. Highly recommend them.



Leg veins treatment EVLT, sclerotherapy

Read what tracey has to say about her experience here. A leg vein case study.

I came to the clinic in September with massive leg veins which were VERY noticeable. I was extremely nervous but the staff were all so friendly.
When I had the left leg done first I was really scared but I have to say it was quite painless. I went out that evening with no discomfort at all and drove to work the next day. I had to wear compression stockings but you very soon get used to them. The second leg was a more intensive procedure but again much reassurance from everyone and again I went out that evening and had no discomfort at all. My 3rd treatment was injections and the thought of needles really frightened me. BUT it was very easy and no problem whatsoever.
I have to say I am so pleased with the result. Feeling very positive and looking forward to being able to wear crop trousers in the summer and continuing to feel confident about going swimming in front of people.
Thank you all so much.

Excellent treatment, everything fully explained beforehand. Took me one year to initially decide to undertake the treatment but I am very happy that I did and am so surprised at how good the results are.


Having suffered with visible veins on my legs since having my children I was so pleased with my results from Dr Gheyi. Now for the first time in over 20 years I’ll be happy to wear shorts on holiday this year. A truly fantastic feeling thanks to Dr Gheyi and all the staff at Coltishall Clinic. I’ll now be saving very hard as I’ve taken one of each of the leaflets!!
See you all soon.

November 2013
I have just had my 2nd leg of varicose veins done [EVLT]. I can honestly say both times I had or felt no pain at all. I could walk straight away, did not feel anything both times, I got off the bed with a smile on my face. To me it was so relaxing I had my sunglasses so I could wear them listening to the relaxing music and drift off to sunny climates. I do not get this at home. I would be quite happy to have stayed all day. The staff are all amazing, so friendly and caring. Dr Gheyi is so attentive making sure I was ok. (He need not ask) This may sound strange, but I really enjoyed my time there, they do make you feel special. If you are thinking about this procedure, I would me more than happy to speak to you about my experience. A big thank you to all.
Chirs J

Having Suffered with spider veins for many years I thought I would have to live with them forever. As time went on they started to spread and looked like a bruise. I came to have a different treatment and asked if anything could be done to help reduce the veins. Dr Gheyi explained fully that having a tiny injection into them would remove them. 8 weeks later they were TOTALLY gone. Fantastic treatment that I would recommend to anyone. Thank you so much


I am very pleased with the treatment results. I will recommend you.


I have been having treatment for thread veins on both legs that were very bad and thought I would never be rid of them. I found out Dr Gheyi held the surgery and have been having treatments. I am extremley pleased with the treatment as they are virtually clear. I would recommend this treatment.


I’m on my second visit, already Dr Gheyi has made a remarkable difference, I already feel more confidence in my legs. So glad I found him.


After only 4 treatments for thread veins I'am absolutely delighted with the results and have no hesitation in recommending Dr Gheyi and his team. Now I'am looking forward to the summer so I can reveal my legs to the world for the first time in decades! Can't thank you enough


I had foam sclerotherapy treatment for a varicose vein in my calf. I was thrilled with the procedure and results. Minimum pain, quick recovery and great results. Thank you Doctor and to all the lovely staff.


“In March I went swimming and was embarrassed about my varicose veins on my legs and the pain. Now after 4 treatments I have bought shorts to go on holiday as my legs are looking great! I am so happy with the treatment and the care I received from the staff and doctor.”

Anthony P

“I was very self conscious of the horrible veins in the back of my legs. They were unsightly and I hated uncovering my legs. I plucked up the courage to come here to see if something could be done. Everybody was very understanding, the procedure explained to me fully so I decided to try it. The difference now is unbelievable, my confidence has grown and I am looking forward to the summer so I can show off my new legs! I felt very comfortable at every appointment, personal service was good. Thank you very much.”


“Dr Gheyi and his assistant Helen are most helpful and put me at ease immediately. I am extremely pleased with the laser/sclerotherepy treatment I have received over several sessions. I can now show off bare legs during the warmer months whereas I was extremely self-conscious about my very noticeable thread veins and my summer wardrobe consisted entirely of trousers and long skirts. Many thanks, I can honestly say Dr Gheyi has transformed my life.”



IPL/ laser hair removal

IPL hair removal has been a fantastic experience for me. When I first began suffering with unwanted hair due to PCOS, I thought I would just have to live with it. Now I know I don't.


After 5 short months my treatments have paid off where as before I had a daily problem with the hair on my chin, it does't bother me anymore because it is all gone!


Dr Gheyi has treated my chin, lip and neck for embarrassing facial hair, which was really getting me down. Coming here was one of the best decisions I've made. His compassion, understanding manner and honesty are, I think quite unique. I trust him implicitly and would recommend him to anyone! lovely staff, too!


Been having hair removal for the last few months. It's fab, I love it! Worked wonders on me! The doctor and his assistant are fab too! Very worth it.


Really pleased with my results. It has made a huge difference to my self esteem and I would definately recommend to anybody. Money well spent

Excellent results, would recommend the clinic to everyone. Very professional, excellent service and very friendly staff


Following 6 treatments of IPL my underarms are smooth and virtually hair free. The initial discomfort wears off quickly and results have been well worth it. Dr Gheyi has been thoroughly helpful and professional as have his team and I would highly recommend them.


“Only wished I had had it done sooner..no more shaving rashs! Excellent results and I am recommending this treatment to all of my friends! Thank you.”


“For the past year I have been coming to this clinic to sort out unwanted hair of mine. Over this time the staff here have been incredible – they are extremely welcoming and friendly every time I arrive. The clinic is spotless and always kept clean and tidy. The treatment received worked amazingly well and couldn’t be more pleased!”


“A professional and friendly clinic with an individual assessment and treatment approach. I felt all procedures were well explained and carried out safely. The expected outcomes were also discussed prior to treatment. Thank you for a very good first experience of laser hair removal. All the staff were very approachable, friendly and the quality of care was excellent. A great out come too. Keep it up!”


Medical Microdermabrasion

I've been having microdermabrasion for a few months now and I've really seen a difference in the smoothnes of my skin and a reduction in wrinkles, especially on my upper lip & nose to mouth lines. My old acne scars are gradually improving and so my confidence has increased. my friends tell me I also look younger, which is a bonus


I have has botox and restylane treatments alongside microdermabrasion and I am very happy with the result. I will be coming back for more so keep up the good work! All the staff are friendly, helpful and genuine. I would recommend the clinic to anyone looking for treatments carried out in a profesional manner by fully qualified staff.


Tattoo Removal

I had a small butterfly tattoo on my ankle which I didn’t like so had removed. It only took 3 sessions which didn’t hurt at all. It has now gone completely.
Anon 2014


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