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Laser Tattoo Removal

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Frequently asked questions about Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal is considered to be the best technology for tattoo removal. We use very high powered tattoo removal laser system which delivers ultra short pulses of laser light to destroy tattoo pigment. Q switched laser is considered the 'gold-standard' laser for tattoo removal. IPL's or long pulse lasers cannot be used to remove tattoos. In general 3-10 sessions are required and dark tattoos respond best. Newer professional tattoos with light colours such as yellow and orange are very difficult and sometimes impossible to remove completely.

laser tattoo removal


Q Switched Laser Tattoo Removal

Why should we choose you?

There are lots of non-medical tattoo removal services being offered. Most of these use small, low-powered lasers which are inadequate. Only active q-switched powerful medical lasers should be used for tattoo removal. Immediate white response must be seen to achieve successful tattoo removal. Watch a short video clip which illustrates this-

What methods of Tattoo Removal are available?

We must stress that older methods of tattoo removal are now outdated and have been replaced by better technology. There may be limited use of some of these methods in special circumstances. These methods included dermabrasion, chemical peels, destruction of tattoo ink by various forms of injectable substances.

Why are older Tattoo Removal methods not recommended?

Older methods used to remove the part of skin with the tattoo! The results were less than desirable due to scarring. Whilst surgical excision may have a role in some smaller tattoos, older methods of tattoo removal cause unacceptable scarring and poor cosmetic outcome. We have seen some significant scars and keloids resulting from tattoo removal attempts by non-medical personnel. Creams and injections simply do not work.

Why are Q switched Tattoo Removal lasers so good?

Q switched lasers produce very high powered and short nanosecond [one billionth of a second] pulses of light that shatter and disperse pigment particles without damaging the skin. Consequently ink particles are removed and surrounding skin is not damages. This dramatically reduces the risk of scarring.

Is the Laser Tattoo Removal treatment painful?

We use a local anesthetic to numb the skin so our patients do not find the treatment painful.

Is the Laser Tattoo Removal treatment permanent?


Laser treatment example- Before tattoo removal- After three sessions tattoo removed completely

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How much do you charge for laser tattoo removal?

Costs for sessions are- small area £85, 6*6cm £125.

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