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Radiesse is a longer lasting dermal filler and ideal for men and women who feel that hyaluronic acid based fillers do not last long enough for them.

It also provides more volumatic correction than HA based fillers.

treatment pictures


Non-surgical facial contouring and beautification!
If you would like to have a younger, more rested appearance, enhance your existing features, defy age and gravity and increase your confidence – without invasive surgery, scarring or waiting to see results: Radiesse is your answer.

Soft, safe and simple!
Radiesse is an injectable implant which is soft, safe, simple and immediately effective. The cream-like texture of Radiesse stays soft, feels natural and remains in place for many months to years. Because Radiesse is biocompatible you do not need to wait for allergy test results and because Radiesse is biodegradable it caters beautifully to your ever-changing facial aesthetic needs.

What is Radiesse?
Radiesse is made up of synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a gel carrier.
• It does not contain any animal or human derived components.
• It is ready and easy to use.
• It can be injected through a fine needle which minimizes injection trauma and your recovery time.
• Once injected into your skin, the consistent, smooth and spherical CaHA particles form a ‘scaffold’ to maximize your own tissue infiltration.
• The CaHA spheres are composed of calcium and phosphate ions which occur naturally in human tissue.
• Radiesse has been tested extensively in clinical trials for over 7 years, with excellent safety and efficacy results.

Would you use it for me?

It is best to make this decision at the time of your consultation where most suitable filler for your unique requirements will be discussed. A new indication is for hand rejuvenation in one session.

Treatment pictures

Hand rejuvenation with radiesse

Radiesse hand rejuvenation, Norwich   Radiesse Norwich
            nose shape abnormality

Nose reshaping

nose reshaping with radiesse



Facial thinning, fat loss

Facial contouring

          radiesse for facial volume enhancement


deep nose to mouth lines

Nose to mouth lines



radiesse for nose to mouth lines


radiesse for marionnete lines [saggy jowls]

Marionette lines


  what areas can be treated with radiesse


saggy jowls

          Treatment areas  
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