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IPL Photorejuvenation & dermal filler client experience

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This year I celebrated my 50th Birthday and the arrival of my first grandchild, and having taken a good hard look at myself in the mirror, I decided that it was definitely time for me to investigate some of the latest cosmetic techniques! I naturally felt that it would be in the best interests of my readers to research the subject thoroughly and to put some of these treatments to the test on your behalf...
OK you got me, I just wanted to look younger - but then, who doesn’t?

I went to see Dr Sanjay Gheyi at Coltishall Surgery, who also carries out cosmetic treatments at his clinic on the premises, Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic. I was reassured straight away by the fact that Sanjay is a qualified doctor - after all, we’ve all heard scary stories of treatments that go horribly wrong, and seen the photos in the tabloids! Sanjay has been a GP at Coltishall Surgery for four years, and met his wife Trish, who manages the clinic, during his ten years working as a surgeon.

My first visit was for my initial consultation, when I met Sanjay to discuss which treatments would best suit my particular needs. He was telling me that he regularly attends aesthetic medicine conferences and visits specialist clinics in the UK and in the USA to learn about the most recent advances in cosmetic procedures, so I felt confident that I was in good hands!

Having discussed various options and taken photos for future reference, we decided to go for Hydrafill dermal filler for my ‘laughter lines’ and the lines on my upper lip, and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photorejuvenation treatment on my face to reduce the broken veins, open pores and brown spots (caused by sun damage) which we all accumulate as we get older. I could hardly wait to get started with the first treatment!

A week later I was back at the clinic for my dermal filler, having a nice cup of tea and reading a magazine while waiting for the anaesthetic cream which had been applied to my face to take effect. Once the area to be treated was well and truly numb (after about 45 minutes), Dr Gheyi injected filler into the lines around my mouth using a tiny syringe and very fine needle. Thanks to the numbing effect of the cream I hardly felt a thing. The whole procedure took just a few minutes, and then I was shown the finished result in a mirror.

Although the area which had been injected was a bit red, I could already see that the lines running from my nose to the corners of my mouth had been softened dramatically, and the ones on my upper lip (you know, the ones that make your mouth look like a dog’s bottom!) had almost disappeared.

After about 24 hours everything felt back to normal, and I looked subtly but noticeably younger and less lined - result!

The next step in my treatment plan was IPL Photorejuvenation for broken veins, open pores, brown spots and general unevenness caused by the sun. I’d already had a ‘patch test’ using the IPL laser on a small area of skin near my jawbone at my consultation, to check for sensitivity, so I put on the dark glasses provided while Dr Gheyi warmed up the IPL laser machine. The equipment is very carefully set according to the needs of each patient, to ensure optimum results while ensuring complete safety, and the top of the range IPL equipment used by Dr Gheyi is a high-spec medical machine, not one of the much cheaper portable ones used by most beauty salons, which I found reassuring.

I put on dark glasses and made myself comfortable on the couch, and then the working end of the machine was held against the area of my face to be treated. When triggered, it felt a little bit like an elastic band being ‘twanged’ against my skin, which made me jump the first time, but wasn’t really painful, and the treatment took just a few minutes. The area was a little bit hot and red for a couple of hours afterwards, but by that evening felt back to normal, and I could see and feel a marked improvement.

Dr Gheyi tells me my skin will continue to improve for around six months, even without further treatment, but I’m so impressed I’ve already decided I’m going back for more!

Dermal fillers such as hydrafill, restylane and radiesse are used to soften lines and wrinkles and also to correct volume loss, cheek, chin and lip enhancements etc. It can also be used to fill out depressed scars and for non-surgical nose reshaping.

Treatment prices at the clinic start from around £160, little more than a new outfit and a night out, so it’s not ridiculously expensive, and as they say in that TV ad, you’re worth it!

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