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Skin rejuvenation, photorejuvenation [ photofacial, fotofacial™]


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Injectables : fillers : IPL : lasers : hair removal : photorejuvenation : co2 resurfacing : leg veins : vital : Sub Q : Liposuction : Fat transfer : Face lift

Acne Scarring

Agera Rx
Age spots
Cellulite reduction
chemical peels
Carbondioxide laser
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DOT therapy

Ear lobe Surgery
Face and neck lift
Fat transfer
Hair removal
Hair restoration
excessive sweating
L.E.D light therapy
Leg veins
Fractional eyelift, Madonna lift
diamond microdermabrasion
Mini Tummy Tuck
minor surgery
oxygen facial
PRP treatments
Radiofrequency skin tightening
restylane vital
Scars and stretchmarks
Y lift with Restylane Sub Q
Tattoo removal
Ultrasound body contouring
Varicose Veins
Vascular lesions
Medical Weight loss


Restore a youthful appearance with IPL and laser treatments, get rid of skin pigmentation, broken capillaries, fine wrinkles and enlarged pores. You can now improve skin on face, neck, chest, hands and any body areas.

Both the pleasures and stresses of life, along with simple passage of time, tend to cause our skin to appear older. Signs of photoaging and sundamage are typically most visible on a persons face and body. While numerous treatments from simple creams to major surgery exist to improve various facial flaws, skin specialists have always sought dramatic improvement with low risk and no 'down time' Aditionally many conventional treatment options can only address one condition at a time, while they entail a prolonged recovery time, considerable pain, and potential side effects.

With IPL and lasers we can help reverse signs of sun damage and ageing. You will notice improvements in skin texture, firmness, pore size and loose abnormal pigment and broken capillaries.

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Why we love IPL

Forever young skin with IPL

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lady with smooth skin

Treatment pictures

  sundamaged skin   sundamaged skin after photorejuvenation    
Sundamaged skin After 4 treatments  
Sun damaged skin Sun damaged skin after IPL photorejuvenation
Sundamaged skin After 3 treatments


What is photo ageing ?

One of the reasons for age related changes is exposure to sun. Skin becomes wrinkled, it looses its tone and becomes flabby, pigment changes occur, pores on skin surface enlarge and small vessels start to become more prominent.

How does IPL work?

IPL produces small flashes of broadband light. Unlike lasers which are one specific wavelength of light, IPL works by simultaneous effect of different wave lengths of light within the range of 560 to 1200 nm.
The different light lengths have different effects on different layers of the skin, IPL stimulates the natural production of collagen. The final rejuvenating effect of the IPL treatment becomes visible 4-6 months after the treatment. The skin appears smooth and fresh colored. The skin texture improves and the pores and fine wrinkles show improvement and may disappear completely. Deep wrinkles and lines cannot be corrected/ removed by IPL. We can help these with other laser treatments which we have available for you.

How does laser work?

Laser light penetrates deeper in the skin and achieves gentle heating of deeper layers of skin which helps reducing fine lines, wrinkles and deep pigment and can achieve skin tightening.

What lasers are used at Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic?

We use four different IPLs and twelve different lasers depending on each client/ patient's needs. These may be used alone or in combination.

How many treatments will be required?

At your consultation you will have a test patch to see how your skin responds to this treatment. This is a gentle and ‘no-downtime’ treatment so that you can return to your normal activities within a few hours. Although excellent results can be obtained after one session, the effects are cumulative and generally 3-5 sessions are required at 2-6 week intervals.

What is the fee for the procedure?

Test patch £ 35. IPL & laser treatment session prices start from £120. Usually a combination of IPL & laser devices is required for best results. We use top of the range FDA approved medical machines which combined with our experience produce excellent results.


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