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Laser face-lift


What is a laser face-lift?

More and more patients with busy lives are looking for less invasive treatments with less downtime to improve their profile and tightness of their face and neck. The laser assisted face and neck lift is an exciting, effective, and safe option for patients who wish to tighten the skin and underlying tissues of their face and neck. For good candidates, liquefying a small amount of fat to smooth the contours and heating the underlying tissues to tighten the skin may be the answer they are looking for.


Before and After pictures of laser face-lift

I am very very happy with my results, I wouldn't hesitate to go back there and recommend the clinic.
I searched for a long time before hand finding the right clinic and Dr......

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Before treatment 24 Hours after laser facelift 2 weeks after laser face-lift

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We like it best as it avoids a tell-tale skin incision or scar in front of the ear. Any surgical procedure can cause a scar so we try and avoid this risk by not cutting the skin.

We use the newest generation of laser-assisted lipolysis [fat-destroying] and skin tightening devices. This is a third generation laser using wavelengths that allows the melting of fat and the heating of soft tissue to stimulate collagen formation to tighten the overlying skin. When used on the face, it is called a Laser Facelift.

When to Choose the Laser Assisted Facelift Treatment ?

Laser assisted facelifting is great for men or women.
A good candidate for this procedure is:
• in good general health
• not smoking
• has localised areas of fat in the jowl area and under the chin
• has good skin integrity.
Skin tightening alone can be accomplished on underweight patients. Dr Gheyi will examine your face and neck to determine if you are a good candidate. A laser facelift is safer than and more economical than a traditional full face or neck lift.

How does the Laser Facelift Work ?

Dilute solution of a local anaesthetic is used to numb the areas treated on the face and neck. This can be done with minimal discomfort. You can be listening to your favorite music while this is being done.
Once the area is numbed, three or four tiny 1 mm openings are made, one behind each earlobe, and one or two under the chin. Small hollow metallic tubes called cannulas are passed through the fatty layer under the skin to make tunnels.
Then, a tiny 0.6 mm laser fibre is passed through fat between the skin and the muscles. The laser energy heats the surrounding tissue. This stimulates collagen formation and assists in skin and tissue tightening. The amount of tightening greatly depends on skin type, age, elasticity, general health and other factors.
Lastly, a small amount of fat, the amount varies from patient to patient, is suctioned away when needed.

Recovery and Results of laser facelift

Typically, only one treatment is required to obtain optimal results. Initial results can be seen within one week, with continued improvement over the next three to four months as tissues continue to tighten and heal. Some patients may benefit from a limited incision or mini-lift at the same time if they have significant sagging in the jowl area. This can also be combined with a thread lift for additional tightening.
After the Laser Facelift you will be fitted into a facial compression garment. Under most circumstances, compression will be recommended for three to four days followed by nightly use only. Compression helps to push out swelling, decrease scar tissue formation, and promote smoothness of the treated tissues.
Laser facial sculpting is less invasive and less traumatic to tissues than a traditional facelift. Therefore, there is less downtime for recovery. Most patients are able to resume work in two to five days and return to all usual activity, including vigorous exercise, within two weeks. Most patients experience mild to moderate discomfort in the initial post-operative period with gradual resolution of discomfort in the following days to weeks. Snugness of the skin may be experienced for a matter of months.

Coltishall Clinic offers a full range of Cosmetic Medical and Surgical Laser procedures. We offer a range a solutions including non-surgical face and neck lifts, liquid facelifts, one-stitch facelift, thread lifts and now the innovative laser facelift.

What are the alternatives to a laser facelift ?

Younger patients usually do not require any additional procedures. In patients with a lot of saggy skin we can combine laser facelift with removal of skin excess. This may be from face or neck area. Other alternatives are a weekend or mini-facelift, S-lift, MACS lift or a facial lipo-lift purely under local anaesthesia. Face-lift surgery has undergone a lot of technological and technical innovations in recent years. It is now possible to have this operation under local anaesthesia with minimal recovery time or bruising.

How much does a laser facelift cost ?

The cost of a laser facelift starts at £ 2250. Additional procedures such as skin excisions or fat transfer [ if required] cost extra and a definite quotation can only be provided after a medical evaluation has taken place.

What do I do next to arrange my laser facelift ?

Contact us to arrange your consultation and further discussion about your treatment options.



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