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Do facial peels really work?

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In the quest for younger looking skin, I decided to find out…...

When I was asked by Dr Sanjay Gheyi at Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic to have a facial peel, images of black flaky skin aka “Ten Years Younger” sprung to mind. But there was one image potentially worse than that - it was the school holidays - which would mean two children confined to the house, banished from answering the door for fear of me scaring the postman!

So when I asked Dr Gheyi how many days recovery I would need (or in other words; when would I be safe to show my face) I was surprised and relieved, to hear that the worst I would experience was slight redness and very mild un-noticeable flaking. So no “down time” needed.

I’ve been going to Dr Gheyi for a couple of years now and I have complete trust in him, so I booked the appointment.
The chemical peels that Dr Gheyi uses are very gentle, using both glycolic and salicylic acid, which have shown to work better than one agent alone.

The peels work by stimulating cells deep within the skin to promote collagen and elastin production. This helps to eliminate lines and wrinkles, and gives the skin a radiant appearance. It’s also very effective in bringing acne rapidl under control, whilst preventing the risk of future scarring. Peels can also help with pigmentation as the peel penetrates the skins pigment cells to gently and effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted discolouration for a more even skin tone.


Get the best results
from your peel

• Drink plenty of water, before and
after the peel to keep your skin

• Wear a high factor sun screen for
a couple of days after the peel,
even if it’s Winter. Remember
dermatologists advise that we
wear at least an SPF of 15 -365
days of the year.

• Book a course of peels if you can
afford to, whilst one peel does
show results, a course of peels
brings the most dramatic results

So with all this in mind, and with Dr Gheyi’s reassurance, I was quite excited to see the results. Before starting, the procedure was discussed in depth with me. There are many different strengths of peel, and on the first visit, especially with my sensitive skin, it was decided that the mildest peel would be used. If a course of peels is booked the strength of the peel in increased to suit the persons skin.

First, my face was thoroughly cleansed and a prepping solution applied. The peel was then brushed on to my face. Throughout the process I was asked how my skin felt - it felt fine, a bit tingly and mildly warm, but absolutely no discomfort. Once the peel was applied a wet gauze was applied to my face, which activates the peel. It was then left on for a few minutes, before being cleaned off.

The final, and very important step, was a moisturising sunscreen, liberally applied (it’s important to stay out of the sun after the peel, not really a problem at this time of year!). Immediately after the peel my skin was mildly pink, but other than that it just felt very clean. I asked if it was ok to apply make up on the same day, and that was fine, although if it’s possible to keep make up off for a while, all the better. Over the next couple of days the effects of the peel started to become noticeable. There was very, very mild flaking of the skin, only noticeable by myself. But my skin took on a much healthier glow, without any doubt it felt smoother and more plumped up and looked, dare I say it........ younger!
So had I answered my question? Do facial peels really work? Well the answer has to be yes!

Miss A.Lake

The Peel procedure          
  skin iscleansed peel being applied
  peel being activated        


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