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Acne Scarring

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Scars and stretchmarks
Y lift with Restylane Sub Q
Tattoo removal
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Varicose Veins
Vascular lesions
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Why us?

My trip to Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic

Working for the Aylsham and Reepham Post has always been different. It would be almost impossible to provide a job description but imagine my surprise when I was asked to visit the Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic. ‘Botox, Dermal fillers’, this is the subject of magazines and conversations over coffee with friends. Not for the likes of me! I set off on my assignment with a sense of trepidation and excitement. First of all, I would do some research.
The media is full of horror stories about treatments that have gone wrong. Botox parties held by people with little or no qualifications. I felt very reassured by the fact the Dr Sanjay Gheyi is a qualified Medical Practitioner. He runs the clinic alongside his busy NHS practice in Coltishall. He is very experienced and worked as a surgeon for ten years before moving into General Practice. He is married and has two children. His wife Trish manages the clinic. Like all Medical professionals he keeps up to date with all the latest techniques and advances in cosmetic procedures, often attending conferences and visiting clinics in the USA.
Dr Gheyi offers a full consultation to all clients. A medical history is taken, and then a full discussion of your needs and expectations. What treatments would suit your individual requirements? He explains how each treatment is performed and what you can expect. Full information leaflets are provided. Photographs are taken which are then analysed on the computer. Treatment prices at the Clinic start at about £160.
Within minutes of meeting Dr Gheyi I felt very relaxed and at ease. He asked me what I did not like about my face. Its difficult to look at yourself with such a critical eye, but once I started it seemed to get easier. A vertical frown line (runs in the family),

high colour on my cheeks, acne scarring (dreaded teenage years), A vascular lesion on my nose. We then discussed the various options and treatments available to suit my needs. Photographs were taken for future reference. We decided that Botox would deal with the frown line and as an added bonus lift my eyebrows.
The high colour, acne scarring and lesion on my nose could be treated by laser treatment. My appointments were booked. My first treatment was for Botox. I settled myself in a comfortable position on the couch , was handed a mirror so I could observe and Dr Gheyi explained the treatment plan to me. I received a number of small injections with a very fine needle on my forehead and around my eyebrows, a slight stinging sensation, no more. He explained that I might expect a slight swelling or redness at the site of the injections that would settle within a few minutes. The treatment starts to work within 2-4 days, but full effects may take up to 2-3 weeks. The effects can last for 2-6 months. It varies from person to person. I also had my patch test using the laser to a small area of skin on my cheek to check for sensitivity ready for my next treatment. Since word of my treatment has permeated around Aylsham, I have been looked at and examined by Mums in the playground, in shops and in the car park. It definitely takes longer to get around Town than it used to. Am I pleased with the results so far? I’m delighted. I have been back for my first check up and I think the pictures speak for themselves. As my next procedure will take several sessions, I will keep you informed in future issues. Botox treatment can be used for frown lines, forehead ‘worry lines’, crow’s feet, for lines around the lips, to lift droopy mouth corners, correct asymmetric or ’gummy smile’. It can be used on the neck and décolleté as well to reduce excessive underarm sweating.

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