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Stuart Sayer-my personal experience
Time has moved on – I’ve passed the half century and technology has radically moved on too; the treatments available today are so much more advanced than those around 20 years ago. Fortunately for those of us living in this part of Norfolk we have a specialist skin clinic right here on our doorstep. In fact clients from all over the UK and Europe travel to Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic in Horstead for expert treatment from Dr Sanjay Gheyi.

fractional eyeift  

Dr Sanjay Gheyi is a full time Clinical director and Laser Surgeon and uses lasers, botox and ?llers in his everyday clinical practice. He personally administers thousands of laser and injectable procedures each year offering a high quality local service at an affordable price.
My personal awareness of Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic is borne from the excellent results my partner Tracey DeAbreu (Publisher of The Wroxham & Coltishall Book) has enjoyed with her personal treatments in the past. I ?rst met Dr Gheyi when I visited the surgery with Tracey and mentioned my thoughts about one day getting some ‘man treatment!’ By this I meant I wanted to reduce a few lines and hopefully look slightly less tired. I mean, mentally I felt energised but my face didn’t always show it too many long business days over the years I guess! Being frank, by the time you hit the age of 50 you have already lived a bit and weathered accordingly haven’t you? Hardly surprising some of us could do with a tidy up then!
During my consultation at the clinics nice new premises at Bure House, Rectory Road, Horstead, Dr Gheyi took some ‘before’ photographs and discussed my options. He genuinely wanted to know what I was most interested in ?xing; I told him my frown lines were too prominent and I sometimes appeared to look tired even when I didn’t actually think I was! I am a business provider of psychology based Peak Performance training programmes and whichever way I thought about it; my personal appearance during one to one client meetings and presentations in client’s boardrooms really does matter. Now was the time to take action!
I’d heard of Botox as a brand name – Dr Gheyi actually recommended a variant called Dysport so I booked to have my forehead done. After all, I ?gured if it was alright for music mogul Simon Cowell who is the same age as me then it should at least be worth a try!
On forehead treatment day it was so simple; I was expecting a certain level of pain. Forget that – it’s nothing more than a quick dab of numbing solution and in my case 15 small jabs that you can barely sense. “…and you didn’t even ?inch!” as Dr Gheyi commented. The treatment takes a few days to kick in, and when it does it feels slightly tingly that’s all. Bit like the sensation you get when you ?rst consume alcohol. A few weeks on, and I have become used to not being able to frown very easily – so that’s a pretty good thing in itself! The lines still exist, but are greatly reduced. I could always have another top-up session and add dermal ?ller if I wish…
Following my forehead injections I opted to tackle the tired looking skin around my eyes. Being a modern day man (!?) I do use a moisturiser each day containing a SPF 15 factor. Yep, good Stu that is family members always know what to buy me for a birthday or Christmas gift! This ‘taking care of yourself’ thing is a serious business you know! Anyway, in spite of regularly using moisturising cream I still had tired skin.
Dr Gheyi trains and invests in the very latest leading edge equipment here at Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic and as I was about to ?nd out, the tool used for fractional laser resurfacing (Dot Therapy) is an amazing piece of kit!
In my case, two sessions three weeks apart were scheduled. On treatment day I drove myself to the surgery and received the usual warm welcome from Dr Gheyi and his staff. I arrived 45 minutes prior to the actual laser treatment so I could have a numbing cream applied to the eye area. That’s easy; you just look like a panda for a few minutes while you read a magazine or watch a TV video from the leather sofa in the relaxed environment here.
Moving into the immaculate surgery and preparing for treatment, eye drops are applied to numb the eye. This is totally pain free and cools the eyes. Protective contact style lenses are gently placed under each eyelid to maximise safety. Once the laser is applied, you feel a tingling sensation.
A small suction pipe takes away removed skin and odour during the process. You are aware of the facial area being addressed and mid-treatment Dr Gheyi asked me to rank the level of pain on a scale of 1 to 10. I called it a ‘5 out of 10’ and he continued around my upper and lower eye lid and the area below my eyes checking for symmetry. The session lasted around 10 minutes; I had the contact lenses removed and my face cleansed.
I was offered a hand mirror straight away so I could see what I looked like. All I noticed was a series of white dots – nothing as bad as I expected – but straight away it was obvious the upper eyelids had already tightened! I even watched a short video clip of my own treatment which was interesting. I drank water and rested a short while before safely driving home with a cold pack ready to apply when I got back home.My second treatment was scheduled three weeks after the ?rst; I knew exactly what to expect – it was simply a repeat session! Once again, Dr Gheyi took time to carefully discuss my treatment in line with the detailed images he had stored on his high quality computer screen. This time I opted for a slightly more aggressive strength of treatment after which Dr Gheyi diplomatically told me that I had “been no trouble!”
Post treatment I found the best way to calm and rehydrate the skin was to apply Aqueous Cream with calamine. I used Optrex eye drops to bring some welcome soothing to my eyes – an absolutely wonderful feeling when you’re desperately trying not to rub your eyes!
Further treatment was given to reduce some of my deeper forehead lines by injecting ?ller along the well formed grooves! This involved a single session and was quick – just a few minutes. The improved results could be seen the very next day; the lines were still visible, but greatly reduced. Brilliant stu!
By this time my Botox needed a top up, so this was completed with another 15 small jabs. Once again, really straightforward – to make a simple comparison, your regular haircut probably takes longer!
Looking at my personal results a few weeks later I can report I am absolutely delighted with the improvement in appearance. Now the collagen has started to regenerate the skin around my eyes the appearance is even smoother. I am very pleased I had this nonsurgical treatment and would recommend it to anyone. Many friends, colleagues and clients have recently observed that look a bit more relaxed – and given what I set out to achieve, those comments are great to hear!
and you can access to an amazing amount of information about all the services available to you – content includes lots of video clips so you can clearly see what is involved. There is little ‘mystique’; things are very transparent here! Dr Gheyi likes his patients to be treated on a very personal basis and for you to get exactly what you pay for!
Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic, Bure House, Rectory Road, Horstead, Norwich, NR12 7EP can be can be contacted on: 0800 0430737.


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