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Ageing hands- in reverse!


What is the difference between these 2 hands?


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Hand before

Hand after treatment

No, they don’t belong to a mother and daughter. These are pictures of the same hand and, guess what? - The one on the right is not 10 years younger but 1 year older. One year after Dr Sanjay Gheyi treated it at the Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic -that is.

So what is the secret?
Dr Gheyi often hears women say-‘I have my mothers hands’ or ‘my hands make me look older than I really am’.
Well if this applies to you, read on… You too can reverse ageing of your hands so they don’t give your age away.

As we age we lose the hyaluronic acid in our skin, this is a protein and sugar molecule that binds water and keeps younger skin nice and plump. With a reduced amount of this substance in ageing skin the water content goes down resulting in crepey texture. We also lose collagen and accumulate pigment spots and broken capillaries on skin resulting in changes of ageing hands.

Now we can reverse these changes in a few short lunchtime treatments. The process starts with a thorough consultation with Dr Gheyi. He takes high quality digital pictures and these are assessed on the computer screen to determine a plan of action.

If loose or crepey skin is the main issue then minute injections of hyaluronic acid [HA] filler are made in the skin. The procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic with a tiny needle so there is no pain or discomfort. This is a natural product, which binds water and restores skin vitality and texture. Best results are achieved after a series of these injections. These also have a preventative value as HA has been shown to have antioxidant action. If you prefer a quicker result then volumising fillers such as radiesse or your own fat can be used to plum up the volume.

If pigment, age spots or broken capillaries are the main issue then IPL or laser laser skin rejuvenation is performed. This again is a no downtime painless procedure. Flashes of bright light help achieve complexion blending and make pigment and broken vessels fade or disappear completely.

If the concerns are only minimal and you are after a one off treatment for a special occasion then diamond microdermabrasion can help.

But, what if the hands appear very old? Here Dr Gheyi may recommend laser resurfacing to remove raised areas of thickened, pigmented or very lax skin. This however requires 3-5 days of downtime as old skin is replaced by new skin which is free from blemishes.

Modern technology and medical expertise now makes it possible to reverse ageing changes in your hands- whatever you feel your hand age is, it is never too late and best of all these are all ‘knifeless procedures’ and very affordable.

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