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Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing case study

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The No 1 Anti aging breakthrough of the decade is available at the Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic.

Powerfully reverses 5-10 years of skin aging, wrinkles, sun spots.

Dramatically reduces acne and traumatic scarring.

Reduces risk of future development of skin cancers.

  After having one session of the CO2 laser the appearance of my skin has greatly improved, with just 2-3 day of downtime my skin has been left with a more healthy and youthful look and more

If I told you there was a way to turn back the clock and recapture the more youthful, plump and healthy-looking skin you had ten years ago, I’m sure you’d think I was exaggerating - but now there really is an easy way to do just that!

When Dr Sanjay Gheyi of Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic asked me if I’d like to try the latest breakthrough in laser technology, the SmartXide DOT, CO2 fractional laser system, I jumped at the chance! Dr Gheyi regularly attends anti-ageing conferences abroad to keep up to date with the latest procedures, and in early 2009 he introduced the new DOT laser to his clinic, having seen at first hand the excellent results which have been achieved.

Sanjay told me just why the SmartXide DOT laser is so much better than the older generation of lasers.

“I love this laser. it gives visible skin tightening. You can see the skin tightening like being shrink wrapped! I have had really excellent results for skin tightening on the neck, so much so that one lady who was going to have a surgical neck lift decided against it, after seeing the DOT Laser therapy results on her neck. The laser can go very deep to correct wrinkles, down time can be customised, and pain can be very well controlled.”

My laser treatment started with a chat to Sanjay to discuss what results we were hoping to achieve - I have always had acne, so I wanted to improve the appearance of my old scars and general redness, and of course at the age of 52 I was hoping the DOT laser could reduce my lines and wrinkles too! Once I was happy that I had all the information I might need, I was given a local anaesthetic to alleviate any pain or discomfort, then I made myself comfortable on the treatment couch and relaxed as Sanjay guided the laser over my face, using it most deeply on areas which needed most improvement, such as the lines on my upper lip area.

After just a few minutes the treatment was complete and I could feel and see the immediate tightening effect. My face was quite red to start with, and for the first day or two rather sore, though nothing the odd paracetamol tablet couldn’t handle!

Over a period of about six weeks the redness gradually disappeared, and I was really pleased with the excellent finished result - my acne scars are much less noticeable, the lines on my upper lip are practically gone, and the general tone of my skin is softer, smoother, much more toned and younger looking - result! I asked Dr Gheyi if the treatment is suitable for everyone, or whether it’s just for older skins.

small areas of the skin between the beams are not hit by the laser and left intact. These small areas or bridges of untreated skin promote a rapid recovery and healing with less risk of complications.

This picture shows that fractional lasers remove only small areas of skin leaving bridges of normal skin in between.


“Younger patients can have a superficial DOT laser peel with minimal downtime and results are better than having many sessions of microdermabrasion or chemical peels. So anyone with young to very old skin can see results to suit their desires. It also helps with sun damage, pigmentation etc. You get a new fresher, plumper and healthier skin. Remember - you are rewinding the clock and seeing the return of the skin you had 5-10 yrs ago! And by reversing sun damage to skin there is also a preventative value for precancerous and skin cancers. I can certainly see fractional CO2 being the best laser out there, and I’m sure you will be hearing more about this technology as its results are unmatched.”

If you’d like to find out what SmartXide DOT CO2 fractional laser resurfacing could do to help rejuvenate you, just visit or give Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic a call on 0800 0430737 to arrange your consultation with Dr Gheyi.

Dr Sanjay Gheyi MBBS MS FRCS FP Cert. BCAAM, Medical Director and Laser Surgeon of Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic has many years experience with IPL and lasers. He has received one to one training from pioneers of this technology in Italy and has reproduced excellent results in his clinic. Treatment is tailored to your needs. It can be a superficial laser peel to minimise the downtime or a deeper resurfacing to maximise the results but this can have some downtime.


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