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Fractional eyelift 'Madonna lift'

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Dr. Bruce Katz, a dermatologist from New York has pioneered this new procedure which is safe and effective with minimal downtime. It improves dark rings and wrinkles, tightens upper and lower eyelid skin and helps to elevate drooping eyebrows.

Fractional eye lift or Madonna Lift improves wrinkles around the eyes, tighten eyelid skin, improve skin texture and can elevate eyebrows. This fractional laser procedure can help you avoid eyelid surgery [blepharoplasty ] with associated risks and downtime.

These are pictures of patient treated by Dr Gheyi for fractional eye lift using the smartxide DOT Co2 laser system. These are results after just 1 session. Notice the tightening of upper eyelid skin and improvement in crows's feet area.

More photos here

Video of Madonna Lift Procedure
  Eyelid resurfacing case study


Before and After Fractional eye lift

'Madonna lift' results after just one session.


Highly recommended, completely reduced eye hoodness, completely rejuvenated eye area. No need for eyelift surgery now. Rec 100%
Terrie C

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What is fractional eye lift or Madonna Lift?
The Madonna Lift is a new type of laser eye lift. It utilizes an innovative fractional CO2 laser which creates tiny microscopic channels in the tissue so that new collagen can grow in to rejuvenate the skin. It is important to remember that it is fractional carbon dioxide [ smartxide DOT] and not any other type of laser that has been used to carry out this procedure. You can watch a video of this procedure here

What does the fractional eye lift or Madonna Lift do?
It rejuvenates the skin around eyes, reduces the appearance of dark rings and wrinkles while tightening eyelid skin and elevating drooping eyebrows.

What are the advantages of fractional eye lift or Madonna Lift?
Fractional carbon dioxide laser produces tiny micro beams of laser light. These beams remove tiny fractions of skin so that fresh skin with renewed elasticity can grow back in its place. Because only a fraction of the skin is removed, healing is very quick and virtually painless. It produces results similar to eyelid surgery, without the risks and downtime!

How do I know if I am a suitable for fractional eye lift or Madonna Lift?
If you have wrinkles around the eyes, loose eyelid skin, crows feet, dark circles or drooping eyebrows, you can benefit from fractional eye lift or Madonna Lift.

How many sessions are needed?
The number of sessions depends on the individual changes present. On average, most people need between 1-4 sessions spaced 2-4 weeks apart.

How many days of downtime is needed?
2-3 days of redness, one can use make up and usually return to normal activities in 3 days. The downtime can be longer for more aggressive treatment.

How long will the results last?
The results are immediate and continue to improve for many months afterworlds.


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